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High and Low Voltage Switchgears

Product Name:XGN2 Type Modular High Voltage Switchgear


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XGN2 type modular high-voltage switchgear cabinet is applied to receive and distribute the electrical energy in three-phase AC power system with rated voltage 3, 6, 10KV and rated frequency 50HZ, especially for the frequently operated occasion. Its busbar system is a single busbar (which can derive the single busbar with bypass and double busbar structure). The switchgear cabinet is in line with the requirements of the National Standards GB3906 3-35KV AC Metal-enclosed Switchgear and the international Standard IEC298, also there are proposed "five anti" interlocking functions such as anti-breaking and closing by mistaken for circuit breaker, anti-breaking and closing disconnector switch with load, anti-breaking and closing grounding wire/switch with load, anti closing circuit breaker/disconnector switch with grounding wire/switch, anti entering charged interval by mistaken.
The main switch of the switchgear applies ZN28A-10 series vacuum circuit breakers, equipped with CD117 series of electromagnetic operating mechanism and CT19 series of spring operating mechanism. Using GN-30 rotary isolating switch.

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